Types of Inspections We Offer

Inspection Types

  1. Water Damage inspection- water damage inspections are carried out when the property owner suspects water may have leaked or penetrate the building envelope (Home or Building). The first step in this type of assessment is the visual inspection. The inspector will also employ the use of moisture detection tool such as moisture meters and a thermal imaging camera. These tools will allow the inspector to discover hidden and trapped moisture.
  2. Mold Screening- This type of inspection starts with the visual assessment of the entire building envelop. The inspector will focus on “hot spots" such as bathrooms, under cabinets and utility rooms. Any place where pluming is found. These are the most common areas for mold growth. The inspector will do a limited number of sampling to capture a snap shot of the indoor air quality. If high concentrations of mold spores are found from the sampling, the client will be advised about additional investigating may be needed. This service is our most popular inspection service.
  3. Mold Survey – This is our most comprehensive type of inspection. The survey will identify, determines causation and make corrective recommendations for microbial sources found in the building envelop. This service is mostly used when a problem has already been identified and remediation plane is needed.



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